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API-Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

To help patients get access to affordable and innovative medicines, we focus on creating high quality and cost-effective Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Shivalik Rasayan Ltd has a diverse product range and product mix in order to serve consumer requirements. Presently, the APIs being developed and manufactured are in the niche area of oncology, ARVs, cardiovascular, metabolic disorders and immunology.

Installed capacity: 1500 tons

GL & SS Reactors with chilling facility upto -20°C : 32 Reactors

Reaction capabilities :

Catalytic hydrogenation, Organoborane chemistry, Chiral synthesis & resolution, Grignard reaction, Acylation & Alkylation, Carbon homologation, Coupling reaction (Amide metal/catalysed), Amination (Reductive/Chiral), Nitration, Diazotisation, Reduction, Halogenation, Cyanation, etc

Zero effluent discharge facility