Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Protection is Important to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Managing innovation better than competitors is one of the main objectives of a business that wishes to survive and thrive in today’s economy. Research and Development in Shivalik Rasayan Limited ensures full with globally harmonized Intellectual property laws.

Shivalik Rasayan Limited has a corporate IP and Legal Affairs team that is dedicated to creating, cultivating, leveraging and securing an ever-growing portfolio of high-value patents, product and research pipeline with patent portfolio management.

We are striving to achieve every opportunity to generate IP portfolio/earlier launch option in the generic competition with PARA IV filing. As a fast-growing centric-approach organization we are building IP as a company assets and securing innovations by patents.

SRL believes in fair market behaviour and gives full recognition to authentic and valid IP rights of our competitors. However, we also challenge what we believe is invalid/unenforceable as per Patent Law. SRL is a company that does not violate the Rights of patentees (U/S 48, Patents Act) by making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing any patented product within the respective jurisdiction.

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